In Support of the Adam Searle MLC Medical Cannabis Bill 2018

February 2018 

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MCHToo much emphasis is being put on people getting access to medical cannabis ONLY IF THEY ARE DYING.

This is bad ideology and was raised as an early risk to various government bodies in 2016, including the VLRC (Victoria Law Review Commission) that kick started the early Cannabis Law Reform in Australia (also in 2015-2016), working for the government mandates and thus protecting the existing pharmaceutical industry and a new one created by making products that are not cannabis but called cannabis.  Also as a

A byproduct of all of this is a newly created black market (in things not cannabis but legal and called cannabis by the government ) and enforcing the strength of the existing black market, where people have to go to buy real medical cannabis oil (called Rick Simpson Oil or risk arrest and quality by making it themselves . NONE OF THIS is looking after patients. The Australian Government (at State and Federal levels) re-defined Medical Cannabis in 2016 from a plant

NONE OF THIS is looking after patients’ interests. The Australian Government (at State and Federal levels) re-defined Medical Cannabis in 2016 from a plant to a suite of pharma and synthetics ONLY IN AUSTRALIA also now called Medical Cannabis. New laws even say the new synthetic Cannabis products and other fake Cannabis products might be dangerous and untested. Great news. To minimise the risk, the government wants medical Cannabis to be 100% about dying. Cannabis is about living and helping people with serious illnesses and ALSO palliative care.

FIXING THIS MESS– A wise journo once said, if you want to fix the laws a good place to start is by fixing the laws (I guess I am not that wise). The dreaded Australian MSM (main stream media) will acknowledge they do not use this new thing called Google (it is all the rage I hear) to do something called “fact checking”. They are just reporting on a soundbite that might be true or in the case of ALL THINGS Medical Cannabis rarely. When quizzed why they are reporting a lie they will act amazed at your innuendo, we are not experts we are just reporting a story. They say they are not lying just reporting a story, (even if they know it is a lie they say). I digress.

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MAKING NEW LAWS – Cannabis laws in Australia need to be changed at the state level (regardless of the Government TGA or ODC trying otherwise). In August 2017 NSW Labor with Luke Foley MP at the helm, and Bill Author Adam Searle MP (Leader of the Opposition Upper House – LC) NSW, introduced a bill to address this and much much more. It failed in August 2017. A new Bill will be introduced in early 2018 – Similar to the 1st, but hopefully passing this time in the upper house.

Luke Foley Bill August 2017

HOW TO LEGALISE MEDICAL CANNABIS IN AUSTRALIA – Support the new Adam Searle Public Medical Cannabis Bill NSW 2018 (name pending).

  • If living in NSW and in a Labor district, drop an email or a tweet to your local Labor MP and say I hear you are supporting the new Adam Searle MP Medical Cannabis bill 2018 – THANKS
  • If living in NSW non-labor district (MOST IMPORTANT), preferably visit them and ask them to support the bill. Or email/tweet / call if you do not want to visit. A VISIT IS THE MOST VALUABLE. Let the MP tell you why you or a sick family member, that has a serious illness, does not deserve legal medicine and has to buy from the black market.
  • If living in another state then tell your MP you will have what NSW is having.
  • Get involved – remember rallies and protests do not change the laws, changing the laws, changes the laws.

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